In choosing renewable energies as our preferred field, Boralex made a solid commitment to sustainability. The broader the scope of our operations, the more able we are to contribute to the energy transition underway, and particularly as regards to climate changes.

Boralex uses mainly wind, water and solar resources to produce electricity. So the approximately 3,415 GWh of electricity we produced in 2018 significantly contributed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions since the equivalent power generated from fossil fuels would have meant 214,000 tonnes of CO₂ emissions. Boralex also prefers run-of-river hydroelectric power plants because they operate without storing water, which minimizes environmental footprint.

Minimizing our operations’ environmental impact is also a fundamental part of Boralex’s approach. Protecting biodiversity, conserving habitats, using resources responsibly and managing residual materials begin with the earliest stages of developing new sites and remain a priority throughout their operating life.

Our partnership with France’s École nationale supérieure de paysage 

On December 4, 2018 Boralex and the École nationale supérieure de paysage entered into a partnership in connection with the Landscape and Energy Business Chair. The aim of this partnership is to turn our energy projects into genuine local development projects in which landscape consultations are key to success. In particular, it will give rise to organized field experiments related to Boralex’s operations, involving clinics, workshops, internships and public events.

Sustainable Procurement Charter

Boralex has adopted a sustainable procurement charter that aims to establish innovative partnerships and mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers as well as contributing to local development.

Compliance with laws and regulations

Boralex is vigilant in protecting the environment by complying with applicable laws and regulations and making any necessary corrections. In 2018, based on the GRI and SASB standards, we received no notices of non-compliance and made the requested changes following reports of deficiencies at three of our sites.

For more information, please download our 2018 Annual Report.

Last Updated: April 2019

Our partnership with WWF France

Since 2011, Boralex has worked in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund (France) to protect species and their habitats while developing the wind power segment. Our aim is to ensure that preventive measures are adopted at each new site well before work begins, so we achieve a responsible energy transition in the field.