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The driving force of Boralex’s success as a renewable energy leader is its employees. As emphasized by our new employer brand launched in October, it is our impressive team of men and women and their unflagging energy that continually take us to the next level.

A stimulating work environment

Boralex is committed to providing attractive work conditions to retain talent vital to its success. To accomplish this, our corporate culture encourages all employees to work independently, assume accountability and actively participate in operations. We also offer programs to promote continuous development and career advancement for everyone. This includes full support for government employment equity and diversity initiatives.

In 2017, Boralex conducted its first employee engagement survey, with an outstanding 99% participation rate. The survey placed the level of employee engagement at 58% and identified key areas for further development. Going forward, the employee engagement rate at Boralex will be a key performance indicator (KPI) alongside our financial and health and safety KPIs.

A growing workforce

To support continued growth, Boralex makes every effort to recruit and retain talent with the desired expertise. With this goal in mind, we revamped our employer brand to showcase what sets us apart in our various operating sectors. This is essential in a high-growth environment. Over the past year, we made 75 new hires.

Occupational health and safety (OHS)

Providing its employees, partners and suppliers with a safe working environment is also one of Boralex’s top priorities. Every year, we ensure we implement the necessary measures to continue improving our OHS practices. Every new project for the construction of an energy production facility includes a component to ensure worker safety during the construction period and throughout commercial operations. Our OHS programs also include initiatives to train and educate employees on adopting appropriate workplace behaviours.

Our OHS efforts are paying off, as our workplace injury rate remains well below the industry average. In 2017, out of more than 680,000 hours worked, we recorded only one (non-fatal) workplace accident resulting in a workplace injury rate of 0.3 (the number of accidents for every 200,000 hours worked). Given the significant increase in the number of employees, this is a significant improvement from 2016, when we recorded two accidents (non-fatal) for almost 539,000 hours worked, for a workplace injury rate of 1.0.

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“Boralex is operating legacy Projects that have been environmentally friendly for over 100 years while also developing cutting edge technologies for state-of-the-art clean power generation. This multi-faceted approach means that my skills are challenged every day and that makes it exciting to go to work.  Boralex generates not only electricity but a sense of working for a better world.”

- Erik Bergman, Operations Manager, South Glens Falls, New York

For more information, please download our 2017 Annual Report.

Last updated: March 2018



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