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Boralex is committed to upholding its corporate responsibility by supporting different non-profit organizations and charitable events every year, helping foster the vitality of communities where our operations are located.

Our values and business goals are reflected in our involvement in the four following areas: local social and community, environment, education and employee volunteerism.

Local social and community — Boralex gives back and helps improve quality of life by getting involved with local social and community organizations to maximize outreach to people living near our sites.

Environment — The very nature of our activities demands that we play a part in the sustainable development of society, and respect for the environment is a top priority. It only makes sense that we should support environmental organizations promoting renewable energies.

Education — Boralex aims to support the next generation: we do this by recognizing academic excellence. We work with universities to award scholarships. Students in engineering taking energy-related courses and those who stand out for their social and community involvement are given priority.

Employee volunteerism — Boralex supports its employees who give their time to the community. In recognition of this work, we support projects, events and organizations in which employees are meaningfully involved, and who meet the main requirements of this policy.

In 2017, Boralex supported a large number of organizations for a total contribution of $583,000, up nearly 23% from $474,000 in fiscal 2016.

Support for community relief efforts
In the spring of 2017, more than 2,500 families in nearly 150 municipalities in Québec and Ontario experienced the largest floods in 50 years. To support the disaster relief effort, Boralex made a donation of $5,000 to the Canadian Red Cross, which set up a special fund to provide essential services and care to those affected. At the same time, Boralex encouraged employees to join in the spirit of solidarity.

Last updated: March 2018

To submit a request for donation or sponsorship

Does your project or organization meet Boralex’s criteria for community engagement? Would you like to submit a request?

In order to facilitate the treatment of requests, you must use our online form.

Requests made by phone, email, mail or fax will not be considered by Boralex. A minimum delay of 8 weeks must be expected for receiving a response.

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