Social acceptability, an imperative

Boralex’s growth strategy cannot come to fruition without the commitment to ensure the social acceptability of its facilities, both in operation and under development. While the Corporation enjoys strong credibility given its track record as a leading player in the renewables sector, each site and project requires particular attention.

Nothing is left to chance. Boralex is diligent in using all avenues to establish and maintain the most cordial relationships possible with the communities where it has power generation sites in operation or planned for the future. For example, a monitoring committee keeps the Corporation and the community in touch at every site in operation in Québec. In Ontario, Boralex uses community newspapers to make sure people know that a representative is available to receive comments and answer questions.

Additionally, Boralex undertakes a formal consultation process for each development project — from canvassing stakeholders at public information sessions, to individual conversations and mapping the different points of view. This is genuine grass roots work to make sure that each project is well accepted by its community, with full knowledge of the facts.

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Last updated: April 2019

The acquisition of Invenergy’s interests: a structured process

When we acquired Invenergy’s interests in five wind farms in Québec, Boralex first took steps to establish contact with the stakeholders at each location. As soon as the confidentiality restrictions around the transaction were lifted, meetings were held to provide information about the deal, the Corporation and our business vision. Since those meetings, several Boralex representatives have been available to answer any questions.


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