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Having established itself as one of France’s largest and most experienced private wind power producers, Boralex carved out a major share of the wind power market in Canada.

Produced by the power of wind, wind energy is both renewable and virtually inexhaustible.  Also one of the cleanest sources of power, it generates neither waste nor emissions. From an economic perspective, technological advances in recent years have made wind energy a competitive, reliable and efficient source of power. Moreover, wind power development can provide a structural stimulus to regional economies through partnerships and job creation.  Wind energy is currently one of the fastest-growing types of power in the world.  With several hundred million dollars invested in this segment since 2002, Boralex has made wind energy the driving force behind its development strategy

Boralex’s approach is based first and foremost on dialogue and collaboration with the communities hosting its wind farms. As an operator/developer, Boralex is involved throughout the process, including the prospecting, development, construction and operating facets. We ensure each stage is completed under the best possible conditions before moving on.

Quick facts about wind power

  • Wind turbines are approximately 150 m tall.
  • Wind turbines are functional as of 12 km/h. To develop a project, an annual average of at least 23 km/h is preferable.
  • At a distance of 500 m, the sound levels created by a wind turbine are similar to those found in a quiet library.
  • Wind turbines are operational 70%–80% of the time, depending on the wind speed. It goes without saying that the amount of energy produced also depends on wind speed.
  • Each megawatt of installed wind power capacity generates a reduction in CO2 of approximately 300 metric tonnes. 

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