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Boralex boasts over 20 years’ experience in the hydroelectric power industry and excels in developing existing hydroelectric power stations to make them operational and compliant with current environmental and industry standards. We have also developed expertise in the protection and enhancement of the aquatic flora and fauna in the waterways that feed our power stations. Enhancing the recreational, tourism and heritage potential of our sites by keeping waterways at the very heart of communities, our hydroelectric power stations help drive regional economic development.

At Boralex, our hydroelectric power stations are run-of-river facilities, which means that they use only a portion of the river water flowing through them and have practically no water storage. As a result, its capacity varies in step with the rate of flow on the waterway. They also result in only slight alterations in the hydraulic regime and represent a minimal impact on the aquatic flora and fauna. Their proximity to where electricity is consumed reduces energy loss during transmission.

A hydroelectric power station is a plant where electricity is produced by water-driven turbines, which in turn power the generators. With their rotation, the generators transform mechanical into electrical energy through the motion of electrons.

Our hydroelectric power stations are operated from our one-of-a-kind remote control centre. Remote operation helps optimize power station productivity while reducing downtime and maintenance costs. 

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